Blue and White Gingham

How sweet is this gingham dress?! I adore the flare sleeves and who doesn’t need a little gingham in their wardrobe?

I figured this would be the perfect time for y’all to get to know me! I love connecting with y’all over on instagram and personally, I love following other bloggers who are transparent and give me a glimpse into their lives. Eventually, you feel like best friends!

• I’m a registered nurse and currently I’m working on a transplant floor. It can be incredibly stressful at times, which is something I knew when I applied to nursing school back 5 years ago! I went out with one of my best friends from high school the other night and we were talking about how our little friend group all ended up in the healthcare field. My BFF said, “yeah, but it’s just our personalities, we just like helping and caring for people” and she is so right!

• I started blogging when I was in nursing school and had to take a semester off because I got so sick with mono! Ugh that was the worst. But I got so stinkin bored and so Effortless Essentials was born! I’ve always loved fashion and beauty – when I was younger everyone thought I was such a girly girl and I totally was. I took a little break from blogging during graduation, studying for my boards and looking for a job. But I missed it so much and that’s why I’m here today!

• I’m one of three girls in my family. I have one older and one younger sister – hello middle child! LOL. When we were younger I definitely had middle child syndrome. My two sisters shared similar interests, and lets just say, they didn’t coincide with what I liked – I felt so left out! For example, I never missed an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I know, I know. It’s totally ridiculous. But hey, it’s my guilty pleasure! They loathed when I had the clicker and flipped it to KUWTK 😉

xo, A



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